Lhasa – Chapter 10.10

The morning before their scheduled departure, Brig received another blustering text from Tommy. The content of the message was like those that Tommy had sent him before. However, this one had a hard and demanding edge. “DO NOT GO TO EVEREST! I have critical information that involves you and Happy. For reasons I won’t goContinue reading “Lhasa – Chapter 10.10”

Bullet Train – Chapter 9.5

Tommy checked into a hotel as they waited for the prescription to be filled. It wasn’t a Brigham International, but it had two beds, hot and cold running water, and a television. Tommy claimed first rights to the bathroom, reminding Brig that he was the one paying for everything. While Tommy made his way toContinue reading “Bullet Train – Chapter 9.5”

Bullet Train – Chapter 9.4

“Where in the hell are we?” Brig asked. “Or should I say, where in the hell, in hell, are we?” They were in the capital city of China’s Qinghai province, Xining. Under ideal conditions, Xining was a beautiful city full of culture and a history of over 2000 years. It was known for its coolContinue reading “Bullet Train – Chapter 9.4”