Disorganized Crime – Chapter 8.9

The young lady wove her way around the ottoman and sat down in between Brig and Tommy. “My name is Rose, what’s yours?” “I’m Brig. Nice to meet you.” “You speak Cantonese very well.” “You flatter me. I speak only a little. But thank you. Do you speak English?” “A little,” Rose admitted, holding herContinue reading “Disorganized Crime – Chapter 8.9”

The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.12

Hong Kong missionaries are discouraged from riding in taxis. Though compared to taxi fares in the U.S, Hong Kong cab fares are very reasonable. However, Mormon missionaries are volunteers, and though your father may be a multi-billionaire, the perception of extravagance that riding in a taxi communicated wasn’t one that President Woodley wanted his missionariesContinue reading “The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.12”

The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.9

In January 2017 Tommy learned that the prison system would release him within the next few months, assuming he stayed out of trouble. In the twenty-seven years that Tommy had been in prison, his mentor and old friend, Big Brother Chang, the Dragon Head of the 14K, had never visited him. However, on an unusuallyContinue reading “The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.9”