“Euthanasia By Everest” on Spotify

For those of you who purchased “S****** By Everest”, the paperback, I sincerely thank you. In retrospect, using the term “S******” was a bad idea. It seems that the popular search engines and social networks are sensitive to that word, and consequently, has significantly retarded hampered my ability to promote and monetize my novel. I’veContinue reading ““Euthanasia By Everest” on Spotify”

Hong Kong – Chapter 3.1

Brig exited the gangway and found a men’s bathroom where he cleaned himself up and changed into a fresh shirt and a pair of jeans. He felt better walking out of the men’s washroom, and for the first time appreciated that he was back in Hong Kong. Brig was impressed by what, to him, wasContinue reading “Hong Kong – Chapter 3.1”