Disorganized Crime – Chapter 8.9

The young lady wove her way around the ottoman and sat down in between Brig and Tommy. “My name is Rose, what’s yours?” “I’m Brig. Nice to meet you.” “You speak Cantonese very well.” “You flatter me. I speak only a little. But thank you. Do you speak English?” “A little,” Rose admitted, holding herContinue reading “Disorganized Crime – Chapter 8.9”

Suicide By Everest – Book Description

“An INCREDIBLE read. Gripping storytelling with an unassuming plot. Could not put this beauty down.” — Andrew W. Suicide By Everest: https://amzn.to/2SqKUUQ Brigham Young VIII wants to kill himself. Brigham “Brig” Young VIII wants to kill himself in a way that will embarrass and publicly shame his self-righteous father. Brig is a high-functioning opiate addict that unwittinglyContinue reading “Suicide By Everest – Book Description”