The Death Zone – Chapter 11.11

The road to Rongbuk was treacherous, and even the Jeep’s heavily chained tires occasionally had difficulty finding traction. There were several times Brig thought he would have to abandon the vehicle and walk the rest of the distance to the monastery, but each time the jeep dug in, and Brig was able to continue. TheContinue reading “The Death Zone – Chapter 11.11”

The Death Zone – Chapter 11.10

That night Brig slept fitfully, partly because of his partner’s snoring, but also because of the high-altitude. He no longer suffered from headaches, but at this altitude, he struggled even harder for every breath. He couldn’t fathom how some elite climbers were able to summit Everest without oxygen. Freaks of nature. Brig thought respectfully. AtContinue reading “The Death Zone – Chapter 11.10”

Suicide By Everest Sweepstakes – Book #1

Here is where I placed/hid Suicide By Everest Sweepstakes Book #1: This is a picture of the Highland High School H that sits about a mile above my home in Sugar House. I chose this location to to put the first book in Suicide By Everest Sweepstakes. It’s a bit difficult to get to, but easy to find. In fact,Continue reading “Suicide By Everest Sweepstakes – Book #1”