Suicide By Everest Sweepstakes – Book #4

Here is where I placed/hid Suicide By Everest Sweepstakes Book #4: I know. I know. You’re asking yourself, “What happened to Books #2 and #3?” Thanks for paying attention. I left my house thinking I had Book #2, but it turns out I had Books #4 and #5. So I planted Book #4 at the “This isContinue reading “Suicide By Everest Sweepstakes – Book #4”

To Blog, or Not To Blog

Should a person Blog? Tweet? Post? Is it in his/her best interest? If so, then why? What is the objective? Should you separate your Twitter activity from your Facebook activity, or should you try to meld them all together? These are the questions that I’m trying to figure out, so if you have any insight,Continue reading “To Blog, or Not To Blog”

Social Networking Filter on High

Earlier today I tweeted something about SUICIDE and within seconds I regretted it and deleted it.  It was fairly mundane, but I could see where somebody who had lost a loved one or struggled with suicidal thoughts, might take offense.   So, to be on the safe side I deleted it.  It got me thinking about allContinue reading “Social Networking Filter on High”

Creating a Community

I am now slowly beginning to unveil Suicide by Everest and develop a community of people interested in my writing.  So far that’s a very small, but fiercely loyal group. 🙂  I am moving from the writing phase of being an authorpreneur and moving to the marketing phase, which I also really enjoy. Some ofContinue reading “Creating a Community”