The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.10

Brig awoke early to study his Chinese characters. It had been days since he had incorrectly identified one of the two thousand flashcards he had memorized, but he wanted to give himself every advantage for passing the upcoming exam. The Buddha, who had only seven more days left on his mission, slept as Brig studied.Continue reading “The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.10”

The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.9

In January 2017 Tommy learned that the prison system would release him within the next few months, assuming he stayed out of trouble. In the twenty-seven years that Tommy had been in prison, his mentor and old friend, Big Brother Chang, the Dragon Head of the 14K, had never visited him. However, on an unusuallyContinue reading “The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.9”

The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.8

The weeks leading up to the Buddha’s departure were a blur. Sometimes Brig would accompany the Buddha on his goodbye tour, and other times he stayed in the apartment studying Chinese characters by himself. Brig was well on pace to pass the 2000 character test in record time. During that period of his mission, heContinue reading “The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.8”

The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.4

After about thirty minutes, Brig finally found the energy to stand up and shuffled his way into the living room where he collapsed on the small sofa. He closed his eyes and moaned as the room spun, and the urge to vomit returned. He contemplated running back to the toilet but decided that if heContinue reading “The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.4”