Happy Ho – Chapter 6.10

Brig awoke in a hospital bed, right arm in a cast, head wrapped in gauze, and the familiar sound of Buddha snoring somewhere to his right. He looked up at a clock that hung on the wall in front of him. The clock read 2:53 a.m. He was sore and groggy as he tried toContinue reading “Happy Ho – Chapter 6.10”

The Happy Ho – Chapter 6.6

“Who were those guys?” Brig asked the Buddha as they rode a taxi to the mission home. It was 11:45 a.m. and they were cutting it close to their noon appointment. “Just some thugs that wandered in off the street.” “No, not them…and they didn’t just ‘wander in off the street,’ they knew the littleContinue reading “The Happy Ho – Chapter 6.6”

The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.12

Hong Kong missionaries are discouraged from riding in taxis. Though compared to taxi fares in the U.S, Hong Kong cab fares are very reasonable. However, Mormon missionaries are volunteers, and though your father may be a multi-billionaire, the perception of extravagance that riding in a taxi communicated wasn’t one that President Woodley wanted his missionariesContinue reading “The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.12”