Buy “Suicide By Everest”

Suicide By Everest tells the violent, darkly humorous story of “Brig” an entitled man-child, who was raised in the Mormon church. After decades of hiding his opiate addiction, Brig is “outed” and stripped of his inheritance by his wealthy and influential father. After multiple setbacks, Brig decides he has nothing to live for and embarks on a final journey that he hopes will shame and humiliate his family. His trek takes him from his home in Salt Lake City, through Hong Kong and other parts of China, eventually to his final resting spot, a frozen gravesite on the most inhospitable place on earth, Mount Everest.

Here’s how you can buy your own copy:

Yeah. Sure, you can buy it on Amazon. But do you really want to give Bezos more? Jeff and I thank you, but….

Get your own paperback copy of “Suicide By Everest” direct from the author for only US$5 (Plus shipping and handling).

I currently accept Venmo and Paypal and promises to pay (IOUs).

Just let me know where you want me to send it, and any additional instructions, and your copy will be on it’s way. Visit the author Contact page for more information.

I would be happy to send you a free .pdf version of “Suicide By Everest”. What email address would you like me to send it to?

You can read it all for free, right from your browser. Just go to the TABLE OF CONTENTS and click on the chapter you want to read. Hyperlinks will guide you through the entire story.

There is some additional bonus content hidden in the online pages as well.


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