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Thank you for your interest in Suicide By Everest. If you do not feel that you receive an equal or greater amount of entertainment from this novel, relative to the amount that you paid, I will be more than happy to return your money (Proof of purchase required).

Below are the many wonderful retailers where you can buy Suicide By Everest:

  • ScottThurman.com – This where, I, Scott Thurman, the author, can make the most money and you can get a signed copy! Send $14.99 for the paperback (if you want it signed, dated, or any short message, let me know on the Paypal order form), or $1.99 for the ebook (Formats: ePub and .pdf) to my PayPal account. paypal.me/suicidebyeverest
  • Amazon.com – Most readers seem to prefer making their purchase through Amazon. It’s there. You can buy the paperback and/or the ebook for your Kindle. Feel free to leave a review!
  • Face-in-a-Book – The only Brick and Mortar store that I am aware of that is stocking Suicide By Everest.
  • Barnes & Noble – Yes. That Barnes & Noble. But only online. I think you can probably order the paperback at their store.
  • Draft2Digital Universal Book Link – Take your pick from a large selection of online retailers.
  • Apple Books
  • Rakuten Kobo
  • Others….

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