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I’ll admit, I felt uncomfortable writing the blog post, “Go Ahead! Patronize Me!”

When you first see this request, or hear it, it sounds tacky. But say it 100 times, or better yet, patronize me 100 times and you get used to it.

There are several ways that you can support my writing:

#1 – PayPal: I’ve set-up a account, which the PayPal logo links to.

#2 – Venmo is good too. My Venmo Account is @Scott-Thurman-1

#3 – Bookmark and visit often. Click on the links. Click on the advertising. Comment. Give feedback. Engage.

#4 – Buy a signed copy of the Paperback from me (the author) for $10.00 (+ shipping & handling). If you are not completely satisfied, I’ll return your money.

Do you think Shakespeare felt awkward accepting patronage from Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton. It turns out, the Earl made a pretty good investment. Had he not helped “the Bard”, he would’ve been forgotten a long time ago. Now his name lives on, as could yours.

Here is a list of my wonderful Patrons.

Please read “Suicide By Everest”, or any of my Blog entries. If you were entertained, send me what you think it’s worth.


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