The Death Zone – Chapter 11.2

Tommy arrived at the Lhasa Shangri-la Hotel just before noon. According to the woman working the front desk, Brig had checked out at 6:37 a.m. She didn’t know where he had departed for but suggested that Tommy speak with the doorman. The doorman turned out to be a wealth of information once Tommy had figuredContinue reading “The Death Zone – Chapter 11.2”

Lhasa – Chapter 10.11

Oh, shit, Tommy thought as he read Brig’s message. He had pushed Brig too hard and now Brig had blocked him, which was a genuine tragedy. Tommy had something Brig desperately wanted, and Tommy desperately wanted to give it to him, or more correctly, sell it to him. But what could he do now? HeContinue reading “Lhasa – Chapter 10.11”

Lhasa – Chapter 10.10

The morning before their scheduled departure, Brig received another blustering text from Tommy. The content of the message was like those that Tommy had sent him before. However, this one had a hard and demanding edge. “DO NOT GO TO EVEREST! I have critical information that involves you and Happy. For reasons I won’t goContinue reading “Lhasa – Chapter 10.10”

Lhasa – Chapter 10.8

As Brig prepared for his climb to EBC, Tommy convalesced. Happy and Yellow had returned to Hong Kong along with the rest of the 14K contingent. Although he had made tremendous progress since entering the hospital and had even begun walking again (with the help of a cane), the doctors were adamant that he continueContinue reading “Lhasa – Chapter 10.8”