Leon: The Professional

The other night was movie night at the Thurman house. As always, we couldn’t agree on a movie until wife #1 suggested a movie that she and I had watched years ago called ‘Leon: The Professional.’ Although I vaguely remembered liking the film, I wasn’t convinced that it was one of those movies that IContinue reading “Leon: The Professional”

“Breath” – A Game Changer

It’s been a few months since I’ve read this book, but I was recently reminded of how impactful it has been on my life. Like many men my age, I’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea. As some of my friends can attest, I snore…loudly. Let me give you an example: Many years ago, I wasContinue reading ““Breath” – A Game Changer”

July 2019: Club Read – Avenue of Mysteries

John Irving. Love (most of of his novels) Irving! The Suicide By Everest Book Club executive committee met on Sunday, June 30th and determined that Avenue of Mysteries will be the first book that we will read and discuss as a group. If you are interested in following along and/or contributing to the discussion, feelContinue reading “July 2019: Club Read – Avenue of Mysteries”

Book Review – Into Thin Air

According to the quote on the cover of my paperback edition of Into Thin Air, The Wall Street Journal says that Into Thin Air, “Ranks among the great adventure books of all time.” With all due respect to TWSJ, it is “THE greatest adventure book of all time!” Although I’ve never climbed Everest, and probablyContinue reading “Book Review – Into Thin Air”