Welcome to scottthurman.com. I hope your expectations are being met. Either you found this page by accident (thanks for the page hit) or you’re here to find out more about me. I’m flattered and grateful. 🙏

  • I was born and raised in 1960s Salt Lake City, Utah. Which means that I was heavily influenced by the Mormon church and it’s leaders. Although I haven’t been a member for decades, I’ve become fascinated by how deeply it’s doctrines have, and continues to have on my life. A lot of my content involves religion.
  • The 70s, my teens, were also spent being a Mormon in Salt Lake City, but not a very good one… not a very good Mormon that is. The first few years went pretty smooth, but I eventually discovered women, alcohol, marijuana, and that my parents were wrong about everything!
  • The 80’s were the best! I served a Mormon mission to Hong Kong, I graduated from the University of Utah, I lived and worked in Washington D.C., I moved to Glendale, AZ and graduated from Thunderbird (AGSIM), I moved to Los Angeles, CA and eventually back to Hong Kong. I loved Hong Kong and knew that was where I needed to be. I create a lot of content with China, Hong Kong, and other parts of Asia as the back drop.
  • The 90’s were damn near as good as the 80’s. I met my beautiful wife in… Hong Kong, the greatest city in the world (at least back then). I became a Hong Kong celebrity (for 5 minutes). I moved to Singapore (a pretty good city as well) and got to hang out with some of the best people on the planet, and I started work for Intel Corporation. Another organization that had a massive influence on the rest of my life, both good and bad.
  • In the early 2000’s we moved back to the US and settled down in Portland, Oregon. I became a father and realized that my parents were right about everything! I tried my hand at starting a few businesses; MyChinaCityGuide (Failed), Chinese Rice Wine (Even), and at least one more. Eventually I returned to Intel for the safety of a regular pay check.
  • In the early 2010’s I moved to Shanghai, then Shenzhen/Hong Kong, and eventually ended up living in Folsom, CA, so that my children could attend High School in the US. I absolutely loved living in China and hope I can return some day. Unfortunately China’s 0-Covid policy makes it nearly impossible to travel there these days. Covid is stupid.
  • Speaking of Covid…The 2020s. Here we are. It’s only been two years, but what a decade it’s turning out to be. My head is filled to bursting with content, so please stay tuned.

What People Say

Hard men, create good times. Good times, create soft men. Soft men, create bad times. Bad times create hard men.


You can go through this life laughing or crying. It’s your choice.


Scott Thurman? He’s a genius.

Scott Thurman

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