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“Euthanasia By Everest” on Spotify

For those of you who purchased “S****** By Everest”, the paperback, I sincerely thank you. In retrospect, using the term “S******” was a bad idea. It seems that the popular search engines and social networks are sensitive to that word, and consequently, has significantly retarded hampered my ability to promote and monetize my novel.

I’ve decided to turn the “S****** By Everest” content into a podcast, and have begun posting to Spotify. The show is also called “The Thurmosphere” (“The Joe Rogan Experience” was taken). If you’re interested you can find the podcast following this link:

Euthanasia By Everest on Spotify

Eventually, I’ll condense the entire podcast into an audiobook. That’ll get Tarantino’s attention! 

Lastly, I’m more or less finished with the second book in the series (tentatively entitled “S***** By Snowflake” 😄). Once I’ve finished reading “Euthanasia By Everest”, I plan on launching Snowflake on the Spotify platform as well. 

If you like what you hear, please follow along. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know.


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