Colonoscopy Update

An update for the three people that came back to the Thurmosphere after I posted about my Colonoscopy prep. I’m going to assume that my visitors came back to check on me, even though one of the visitors logged in from Sri Lanka, and the other two were search engine referrals.

I’m fine. Thanks for asking.

I won’t go into detail (your welcome) but I’m particularly proud of one thing that the doctor wrote in his notes following the procedure. Dr. Smith wrote:

“The quality of the bowel preparation was excellent.”

I was a little disappointed that the good doctor didn’t use an exclamation point to end his sentence, but he still captured the incredible work and attention to detail that was given to the preparation of this particular bowel. After all, it’s not like he’s an award-winning blogger or something important like that.

Nevertheless. God bless Dr. Smith, Kathy, Ben the anesthesiologist and the myriad of beautiful nurses that helped put my ass back together.


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