Lhasa – Chapter 10.10

The morning before their scheduled departure, Brig received another blustering text from Tommy. The content of the message was like those that Tommy had sent him before. However, this one had a hard and demanding edge.

“DO NOT GO TO EVEREST! I have critical information that involves you and Happy. For reasons I won’t go into now, I must deliver this information face-to-face. This is life-changing. If you do not return to Xining immediately, you’ll force me to come to you.”

Brig was incensed. He considered ignoring the message and simply blocking Tommy from any further correspondence, but his pride and his anger required that he respond.

“You fucking asshole! You have a lot of nerve giving me orders. Intimidating your friends and colleagues may work for you in your little triad, but you can’t treat me like that! There was a time when I thought we were friends. But that was all bullshit! Everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie, and you no longer have any value. You or your daughter!

Sayonara. Mother-fucker!

PS: Don’t bother responding, because I’m blocking you! Immediately!”

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