The Happy Ho – Chapter 6.1

The deal that Happy had made with Chang turned out to be less of a negotiated agreement and more like a hostile takeover. During her early teens Happy enjoyed the good life. She lived in a beautiful mansion near Repulse Bay and went to a private school. Chang spoiled her, trying to buy her love, but Happy had an independent streak, and even at her young age realized that with Chang everything had a price. She maintained a fierce loyalty to her father. The more Chang tried to force Happy to accept him as her father, the more determined she was to limit his influence on her.

One evening, Happy was in her room reading at her desk. It was near midnight and the latest Canto-pop tunes were playing on the radio in the background. She was so focused on her book she didn’t hear Uncle’s knock at the door. When she didn’t answer, Chang opened the door and quietly observed Happy as she read. Chang had known Happy all her life, had always been fond of her, and was more than a little jealous that Tommy was her biological father. If someone had asked him before that evening, he would have told them that he loved her like his daughter, and might have had them killed if they had suggested anything different. But Chang had become increasingly frustrated at Happy’s lack of appreciation and unwillingness to call him Father. He had noticed other changes in her. She had become less of a cute little girl and more of an attractive woman. Chang quietly moved next to Happy and placed his hand gently on her head.

Happy jumped, screamed, and held out her pencil to defend herself. “Fuck! Uncle, you scared the shit out of me.

Nice language for a young lady.” Happy noticed that Uncle was drunk. His eyes, nose, and cheeks were red, and his speech slurred.

That’s more than a little ironic. The Dragon Head of the notorious 14K reprimands a sixteen-year-old girl for saying ‘shit.’  I would think you would encourage the gangster in me.” Happy chuckled and returned to her book.

I may be the Dragon Head, but I’m also your Father.” Chang knew this would get a rise from the girl. It had become a constant source of irritation between the two. Boss Chang wasn’t used to being told no. Happy’s rejection cut especially deep because he had given her so much, and she didn’t seem to appreciate it. Usually, Chang would let it pass. After all, the girl had lost her mother to cancer and her father to prison. Chang had hoped that one day she would come around to his way of thinking. But tonight Happy looked different. She looked…sexy, and vulnerable in her thin, oversized t-shirt. And he was horny, powerful, and drunk.

Please Uncle. Not this again,” Happy complained. “You are not my father. You will never be my father. You’re my guardian. Big difference.

Why do you continue to disrespect me like this? Why do you continue to show more respect to a person who has given you nothing but the burden of his debt? You know the position he put you and your mother in.

He’s my father. My real father. My only father!” Happy spat. “You and I? We’re not even related.” Happy stared angrily back at him. After a long pause, he walked back to the door as if he were leaving. Happy started to feel bad, thinking she had been too rough on the old man. She was about to apologize when he shut the door and unbuttoned his shirt.

When you’re right, you’re right. We’re not related are we? What was I thinking?” Uncle slapped his forehead and continued undressing. “I’ve noticed a wonderful change in you. You’re turning into a beautiful woman. Did you know that?

What are you doing?” Happy tried to cover herself as he unzipped his trousers.

One lesson I’ve tried to teach you, but seem to have forgotten myself, is to give nothing away for free. You must demand a return on those things you invest your time and money in. You must demand it!” Now it was Chang that was angry. “You are a failed experiment. I gave you everything, unselfishly, asking only for your love and respect.”

Happy looked for a way to escape, but Uncle stood between her and the only way out of the room. She ran to her bed, and squatted in the corner, making herself as small as possible. Happy had never been, sexually, with a man before. All the boys she knew were afraid of her, or more correctly, afraid of Uncle and what he would do to them if they hurt her. But she had seen sex in movies, and it was often violent. Although Uncle had never done anything like this before, Happy knew she was in a precarious situation. She pointed her #2 pencil at him and warned him not to come any closer.

My mistake was not treating you like an investment.” Chang was naked now, and his bouncing, throbbing member distracted Happy. She had never seen a man’s erect penis before. Not even in the movies. Chang easily grabbed Happy’s hand and twisted her small wrist around and the pencil back toward her own throat.

If you won’t willingly love and respect me as your father, perhaps it will be easier for you to love and respect me as your owner. Your master.

Happy tried to resist, but Chang was strong and determined. Happy’s resistance only seemed to fuel his desire, and after the messy and brutal rape, Chang said, “I had no idea you were a virgin. I am honored to have been your first.” He snickered and bowed. Happy sobbed and curled up into the fetal position on her bed, with her back towards Chang.

Remember, you chose this, not me. I gave you every opportunity to be my daughter, but you chose to be just one of my whores.” Chang tucked his shirt into his pants and buckled his belt. “Listen carefully. You will not contact your father again. Do you understand me?” When Happy didn’t respond, Chang yelled, “Do you understand me!?” Happy shook her head vigorously. “Say it!” Chang demanded.

 “I will not contact my father,” Happy repeated.

If you contact him ever again, I will kill him. If you disobey me, I will kill him, and then I will kill you.” Chang slammed the door as he exited, leaving Happy crying and alone.

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