Hong Kong – Chapter 3.8

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Upon getting thrown out of the Buddha’s Camry, Brig gathered his bags and somehow made his way to the Sunny Bay Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Station, the interchange between the Tung Chung Line and the Disney Resort Line that shuttled passengers to and from Hong Kong Disneyland. He purchased a bottle of water from a vending machine and washed down three more pills. He wasn’t hungry, but he knew he had better get something to eat, so he also purchased a lunch box of rice, barbeque pork and pak choi from a street vendor. Brig had forgotten how good Hong Kong’s barbeque pork was and surprised himself by eating everything in the box.

The meal helped him clear his head. Sitting down on a nearby bench, he considered his options. His first thought was to take the train into TST and intimidate his way into a Brigham International hotel room. He was still “Brigham Young” after all; his passport said so. But he knew he looked horrible and somebody was sure to call headquarters to check his story out. VII would have him thrown out, and Brig didn’t want to give his father that satisfaction.

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He sighed and laid down on the park bench, stretching his body out full, his feet hanging off the end, and his head resting  on the small backpack. His nose hurt and his eyes felt like they were swelling up. He took another pill just as he was beginning to feel the three he had just swallowed. The bench was hard, but Brig was exhausted, and the narcotics made any surface a comfortable place to lie down. His mind drifted as he considered places he might stay. He recalled a place on Nathan Road, one of the main thoroughfares in Tsim Sha Tsui called ChungKing Mansions. Back in Brig’s missionary days, the site had a scary reputation for being a fire trap, a nest for prostitutes and a haven for drug dealers, but Brig needed to conserve his money if he was going to make it to Everest, and the ChungKing Mansions were as cheap as he was going to find. His mind eased as he now had a plan. He tried to get up, but he was too tired and comfortable where he was.

He lost track of time, but eventually gathered his things and stood to leave. What he saw next took his breath away. Happy was walking up the sidewalk towards him, beaming, obviously pleased to see him. He tried to speak, but Happy put her index finger over his mouth and whispered, “Shhh.” She pushed his shoulders down, forcing him back down on the bench. She sat seductively down next to him, placing her hand on his lap and rubbing his crotch. Happy leaned forward and kissed him. Brig became tumescent. Happy giggled as she felt Brig’s “little brother” jump to life underneath his jeans. Brig laughed, and throwing his head back noticed that they now floated on a small boat while little mechanical children stood on the shore singing, “It’s a Small World.” Brig had never been to Hong Kong Disneyland but had been to Disneyland in California, and “Small World” had been his favorite Disney ride as a child. Now here he was, thirty years later, riding it again with the love of his life. Several other couples were sharing their boat, smiling and laughing. Brig felt content and began kissing Happy, forcing his tongue deep down her throat, which she welcomed. The other couples looked on enviously as Brig started exploring Happy’s body with his hands.

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As their public display of affection intensified, the other passengers clapped and cheered. Encouraged, Brig and Happy playfully took turns taking the other’s clothes off. With each item they threw overboard the crowd’s enthusiasm grew louder. As Happy tugged, then ripped off Brig’s briefs, the ride changed from the Small World boat to a roller coaster car that was clickety-clacking slowly uphill. Happy moved to straddle Brig in the front car, her long silky black hair draped around his face, obscuring his vision. He couldn’t see, but he sensed that the whole park was now aware and was delighted for him.

He felt the car lurch and stall as it reached the top of the hill. Happy rode him harder. The car released from the chain that had pulled it to the top and picked up speed as it dropped from the ride’s peak. Brig was close to climaxing. The ride grew dark and cold as the car entered a tunnel, breaking his concentration. Happy started to slow, as did the ride, and Brig’s attention waned. He hadn’t finished yet and panicked as he realized he was ruining the moment. He grabbed Happy, begging her to keep going. Brig could see the end of the tunnel up ahead, and the darkness was retreating. As Brig’s vision returned, his stomach dropped as he became aware that Happy was no longer sitting on his lap. The ride was coming to its end. As the car pulled into the terminus, those waiting for their turn were pointing and laughing. Happy had vanished, and now Brig was naked and sitting on someone’s lap. He looked down to see a pair of well shined black Johnston & Murphy Deerfield Tassel Wingtips. He remembered someone who wore those same shoes, and then it came to him. In abject fear and disgust, Brig slowly turned his head around and saw the angry face of his father.

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