The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.4

After about thirty minutes, Brig finally found the energy to stand up and shuffled his way into the living room where he collapsed on the small sofa. He closed his eyes and moaned as the room spun, and the urge to vomit returned. He contemplated running back to the toilet but decided that if heContinue reading “The Reluctant Scholar – Chapter 5.4”

The Buddha – Chapter 4.11

They sat at a large round table that could have sat twelve people comfortably, right next to the water. It was a beautiful night with a waxing gibbous moon shining brightly overhead, its reflection bouncing almost as brightly off of the water in the bay. A second girl had been waiting for them at theirContinue reading “The Buddha – Chapter 4.11”

The Buddha – Chapter 4.9

“Brig, just because you’re partying again doesn’t mean you have to screw up your mission or lose your inheritance. Be smart. My mission is almost over, and everyone thinks I’m the greatest missionary since Sister Mambawambawambamamba,” the Buddha said, butchering the name of the Filipino Sister. “If you’re baptizing, that’s all that matters. As longContinue reading “The Buddha – Chapter 4.9”