Suicide By Everest Sweepstakes – Book #4

Here is where I placed/hid Suicide By Everest Sweepstakes Book #4:

I know. I know. You’re asking yourself, “What happened to Books #2 and #3?” Thanks for paying attention. I left my house thinking I had Book #2, but it turns out I had Books #4 and #5. So I planted Book #4 at the “This is the Place Monument” in Heritage Park. If you’re ever in Utah, and you’re interested in history (LDS Church history, American history), you should put this place on your itinerary.

Per Wikipedia, “The This is the Place Monument is a historical monument at the This is the Place Heritage Park, located on the east side of Salt Lake CityUtah, at the mouth of Emigration Canyon. It is named in honor of Brigham Young‘s famous statement in 1847 that the Latter-day Saint pioneers should settle in the Salt Lake Valley.[1] Mahonri M. Young, a grandson of Brigham Young, sculpted the monument between 1939 and 1947 at Weir Farm in Connecticut.[2] Young was awarded $50,000 to build the monument in 1939 and he was assisted by Spero Anargyros.[3] It stands as a monument to the Mormon pioneers as well as the explorers and settlers of the American West. It was dedicated by LDS Church President George Albert Smith on 24 July 1947, the hundredth anniversary of the pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley.”

For those of you that have read Suicide By Everest, you might recall in the first chapter, where Brig is climbing Mount Everest and yells into the storm, “This is the place!” It will also be an important location in the second book of the “Suicide Series.

For more information on the Suicide By Everest Sweepstakes, click here.

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