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The Prophet 2.4

Throughout Mormon history, the Youngs had been the family that other Mormon families aspired to be. Young family members were expected to live their lives in strict accordance with the teachings and doctrines of their faith. It was extremely rare for a family member to stray from the fold, as the consequences were excommunication from their church and family. For more than 200 years, every generation had succeeded in delivering a new Brigham. However, with each new generation, the pressure to live up to massive expectations grew more intense.

Charismatic, confident, and hyper-aware of his status in the community, Brigham Young VII was born to be a leader. In high school, he had been an all-star, all-state quarterback for the Highland Rams, and accepted a full-ride athletic scholarship to the University which bore his name.

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However, before beginning his college football career he would serve a two-year Mormon mission. Church leaders sent VII to the Philippines, where he baptized hundreds into the church. When he returned to BYU, he picked up his football career where he had left it, and during his sophomore year became the starting quarterback for the Cougars. Unfortunately for the BYU football program, but fortuitously for Brigham Young International, VII suffered a career-ending knee injury in the “Holy War” rivalry game against the University of Utah. In VII’s final year at BYU, he met the beautiful Edna Abigail Pierce.

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