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Suicide By Everest Sweepstakes – Book #1

Here is where I placed/hid Suicide By Everest Sweepstakes Book #1:

This is a picture of the Highland High School H that sits about a mile above my home in Sugar House. I chose this location to to put the first book in Suicide By Everest Sweepstakes. It’s a bit difficult to get to, but easy to find. In fact, I put it up there at around noon on July 23, 2021 and it may have already been found.

Wikipedia tells us that Highland High School is a high school in Salt Lake City, in the U.S. state of Utah, that opened in 1956 and has a student body of 1,546. It is located at 2166 South 1700 East, next to Sugar House Park, and is part of the Salt Lake City School District

So what’s the connection to Suicide By Everest? In the Chapter entitled “The Prophet”, Chapter 4, 2nd paragraph, Brigham Young VII is introduced:

“Charismatic, confident, and hyper-aware of his status in the community, Brigham Young VII was born to be a leader. In high school, he had been an all-star, all-state quarterback for the Highland Huskies, and accepted a full ride scholarship to the University which bears his name.”

Famous Highland High School Alumni include:

Who’s going to Everest with me?

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  1. PVD PVD

    Clever idea! I’m not going to Everest with you, but clever idea….

    • You have the highest chance of winning right now. 8:10000. Good luck!

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