The 14K Triad Strikes Again!

I’m not sure if you’ve been following the stories coming out of Hong Kong, but I can’t help but think that Happy Ho, is pulling the strings over there.

As you may have heard, many of Hong Kong’s citizens are taking to the streets to protest against China’s growing influence, and the perception that they are losing their individual freedoms. Many of the protesters dress in black, covering their faces so that they cameras can’t identify them.

The other day a group of those protesters were attacked at the Yuen Long MTR station by several men that were dressed all in white. It’s not entirely clear who these men were, but some are suggesting that they were triad members, who were being paid by the government/Hong Kong police, to stir it up with the protesters. Guess which triad operates out of Yuen Long? THE 14K!!!! The same organized crime organization (gang) that is fictionally represented in Suicide By Everest!

Read the full Associated Press article here:

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