Director’s Choice: Quentin Tarantino

Does anybody know how to get in touch with (this cat) Mr. Quentin Tarantino (respect)? I’m thinking Suicide By Everest should be his next film! After “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” of course, but, you know, once he’s done with that.

I realize it’s a long shot, but maybe I know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows Quentin Tarantino. Six degrees… and all that. A free “SxE” paperback (including shipping!) to anybody that puts me in touch with Mr. Tarantino, and $10,000 if he agrees to direct the movie, AND the movie actually gets done.

Clever dialogue, uber violent, beautiful women, naughty language… this is right up his alley, yes? Furthermore, he’s in the novel. Remember the Chinese triad member, that calls himself Tarantino, and allegedly only speaks English using dialogue from Tarantino movies?

I will not stop until I hear an unequivocal “No” from the man himself. Or, unless you can tell me somebody better/interested/willing.

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