Book Review – Into Thin Air

According to the quote on the cover of my paperback edition of Into Thin Air, The Wall Street Journal says that Into Thin Air, “Ranks among the great adventure books of all time.” With all due respect to TWSJ, it is THE greatest adventure book of all time!” Although I’ve never climbed Everest, and probably never will, I hope to one day make it to Everest Base Camp.

I wrote a book called “Suicide By Everest”, which was heavily influenced by Into Thin Air, and in fact, the lead character in the book carries a copy of the book with him on his travels from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Hong Kong, through China and eventually to Everest Base Camp where he intends to die.

If you haven’t read “Into Thin Air” yet, I recommend you stop what you’re doing, order the book from your favorite store, and start reading. You won’t be able to put it down. I’ve read it multiple times for inspiration and reference….

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One thought on “Book Review – Into Thin Air

  1. Great read. Not a big paperback book reader anymore due to the internet but I was asked to give Suicide by Everest a try. It kept me engaged through all the twists as I wanted to find out what Brigham was going to do next. Well written book and I’m sure it will be a movie one day as its got Blockbuster all over it.

    Joe J

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