Listmania! Top 10 Bands on Spotify

I like lists and I like music. Easy blog post. But first, a couple of caveats.

First, this is a list of bands I’m listening to today. My son asked me “Where are The Beatles”? I like The Beatles. In fact, they would likely be in my Top 10 Bands of All Time (Oooo! Another list), but my tastes have changed for some reason, and I prefer to listen to Shakey Graves over the The Beatles in 2019.

Second, you may notice a name you may never of heard of… still, he is my favorite artist and band of ALL TIME! Past, present and future. He goes by many names, but his artist name is KUBLAII and he is my son. You may be able to influence my #2 to #10 pick, and I’m happy to hear what you’re listening to, but there is no debate on #1.

  1. Kublaii: His current musical genre is electronic dance music, or EDM, but he is an amazing artist, that plays a multitude of instruments, and he will eventually rule any genre he decides to play in, or none at all.
  2. Shakey Graves: Modern Folk. Shakey Graves is a new entry into my Top 10, but the past couple of weeks, I’ve had his music running on a loop. Soulful and raw.
  3. Caamp: Modern Folk. Great pickers. Listen to “Sedona”
  4. Rainbow Kitten Surprise: Modern Folk. Stupid band name. Great music.
  5. Iron and Wine
  6. Jamestown Revival
  7. The Head and the Heart
  8. Kaleo
  9. Angus and Julia Stone
  10. Hozier

What are your some of your favorites? I always enjoy finding new bands.

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