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  1. Anonymous Anonymous


  2. Wanda Hatton Wanda Hatton

    My vote is # 3 Book Cover. The lettering is strong and catches my attention right away. The tag line,’The Most Dangerous Journey’ is intriguing.


    I like the first one the best

    From: Scott Thurman Reply-To: Scott Thurman Date: Monday, January 28, 2019 at 5:33 PM To: PETER VAN DEVENTER Subject: [New post] New Book Covers

    Scott Thurman posted: ” My son Haydn Thurman (aka Kublaii) mocked up some new book covers for “Suicide By Everest” and I wanted to get feedback from friends of the book. Let me know what you think. A) Suicide in Big Letter B) Red Letters C) Movie D) Black and White”

  4. Roger Rolf Roger Rolf

    A is very good, but D, the black cover gives it some mystique and it drew me in more

    Good job on all of them

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    My vote is A, big letter.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous

    I like A the best, my second choice is D. Both grab your attention and look the coolest

  7. Jill Jill

    I vote for A! (now if I could just find time to read the book)

    • That’s the leader in the club house…

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