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Creating a Community

I am now slowly beginning to unveil Suicide by Everest and develop a community of people interested in my writing.  So far that’s a very small, but fiercely loyal group. 🙂  I am moving from the writing phase of being an authorpreneur and moving to the marketing phase, which I also really enjoy. Some of the things that I did today.

  • Verified my website on Google, and set-up Google analytics
  • Rewrote the books Introduction after receiving excellent input/feedback from Haydn, Pete, and April.
  • Received my first book quote/comment from the novel’s Editor extraordinaire Andrew Wooddell
  • Changed the book cover to include my middle initial…some more good input from my fan base.
  • A few Tweets and added Twitter analytics.  I’m up to 324 Followers.
  • Received my first preorder!!! (Thanks AV)
  • Received notice from Amazon that they shipped out 5 copies/proofs of my novel.
  • Still tweaking, and editing a few things.  Want to get all of my ducks in a row before I hit the publish button on KDP
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  1. shahnazvandeventeryahoocom shahnazvandeventeryahoocom

    Scott, my brother from another mother, so excited to see this vision come to life! From tireless reader to inspired author, what a great journey. I’m sure there is more to come…cheers on your first step….with love and admiration…Shahnaz.

    • Thanks Singh! You’ve always been one of my more literate friends. 😉 Thanks for your support!!!

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