Colonoscopy Update

November 18, 2022

An update for the three people that came back to the Thurmosphere after I posted about my Colonoscopy prep. I’m going to assume that my visitors came back to check on me, even though one of the visitors logged in from Sri Lanka, and the other two were search engine referrals.

Suicide By Everest

(A fictional account of the trials of Brigham Young VIII)

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Amazon readers rank Suicide By Everest 4.8 Stars (out of 5)

“This book was amazing. The storytelling was very unique, and I loved the way the chapters were broken down. They go back and forth, past and present, and the story unfolds in a manner that the reader both knows everything, and knows nothing, and learns both as they go. As the book progresses the depth of the characters unfolds, as does the peculiar history of Brig, the Main Character, and his role in plots he knows/doesn’t know. Religion plays a very key element in the story, but the novel does not preach. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a quality novel. Scott is a tremendous author, and I look forward to his next book. “

Andrew Wooddell

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