Suicide By Everest

Suicide By Everest is the sometimes violent, sometimes darkly humorous story, of Brigham Young VIII who is first-in-line to inherit the riches and influence that the Young family has amassed over the centuries. Brigham is a broken man that has disappointed his father, embarrassed his family, shamed his faith, ruined relationships, blames everyone but himself, and seeks revenge and redemption by suicide. But not just any suicide. Brigham embarks on the physical, mental and spiritual journey from his home in Salt Lake City, through Hong Kong and China, and finally to his frozen gravesite on Mount Everest. Read Chapter 1 “Epilogue” here.

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“Wow… this book was fantastic… and was Scott’s first??? I am an avid reader of fiction and this book was fantastic – compared to anyone. International venues, international cultures, religion, gangs, beautiful women, crime, intrigue, suspense, humor, nature, … are just some of the things that came to mind while reading this page-turner. I couldn’t wait to read the next page… Read more….